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Back to School EDC (everyday carry) Supply Shopping List

Whether its a new school year, or your kids are getting into new activities, we wanted to provide you with a solid list of EDC emergency items that will help ensure your kids are safe and stay safe in an emergency.

This list of course could and should be modified for your specific needs. We do however believe there are core essentials for this EDC that will not only give you peace of mind, but also have real world practical uses and create best outcomes in an actual emergency.

First on the agenda is understanding what an actual EDC is good for. These items must be organized in a way that your child can successfully keep with them, and something they can feel comfortable to be responsible for. So, they will need some training and explaining to go along with these items. The EDC should function as a plan and practice that provides a passage to safety where many of your practical and higher level emergencies are considered. So, in essence, this is a "get home safe" kit that will create confidence and peace of mind for you as a parent, and. help keep them calm and focused in emergencies if they were to arise.

The core elements of the EDC:

  1. Emergency Contact List (printable PDF)

  2. Small First Aid Kit

  3. Map of emergency routes w/ 2 options of a temporary safe place to go (printed from a map service online)

  4. Water bottle (preferably stainless steel)

  5. Multi-tool

  6. High Calorie Protein Bar

  7. House Key/Key-code

  8. Cell Phone including charging cord and a power bank

These core elements will provide answers to emergency situations, and with a little bit of planning and practice they will help your child be confident to face the emergency with purpose. Often in emergencies having these practical items and some training help directly to serve the specific need of that emergency. It also can give you something to focus on and the simple knowledge and access to these items gives you something to do in response, and that alone can be enough to face the emergency and succeed.

The emergency contact list (printable PDF) needs to have the parents contact phone number and one other emergency contact number. You should put the local PD's non-emergency number as well. And finally having some medical information especially for your younger kids. List known allergies to foods and medicines, and also list their blood type. List any other major medical or health conditions that you would want EMS to know in order to keep your child safe in your absence.

The small first aid kit should have some medical tape, some non-stick gauze and a roll of regular gauze. And of course you should have an assortment of bandaids including waterproof bandaids. Finally a large handkerchief that can be used as a sling or to help create and sustain pressure on a bleeding wound. This handkerchief can also be used to help keep your child cool on a hot day, and used to signal for help, or identify them in a crowd.

All of your other core elements of your EDC are pretty self explanatory. Do keep in mind that you want them to be able to have these items on hand and to keep these items safe and private. Most smaller items including your emergency contact list, map, first aid kit, multitool, and protein bar can be stored in a large ziplock or similar bag to keep them dry and organized.

Other EDC items we recommend:

  1. Emergency Whistle (preferable metal)

  2. Flashlight (cell phone light)

  3. Wet wipes

  4. Extra socks

  5. Extra ziplock bags

  6. Small hard candies

  7. Sun Screen (small dispenser)

  8. Seasonal items for weather conditions

Many of these additional items are important to have, but what is more important is creating a really good EDC that will actually work for you and your children. Not all situations will allow you to have some of these items, for instance, a multitool may not be practical for your school, or you may have to consider how much space you have in your child's bag. Just make sure you feel good about why you would include or not include a specific item and plan around your complete list. And if your wondering, small hard candies are a great morale booster.

Also, know your schools emergency plans and procedures, and including their policies. And if your school, pod, or other organization doesn't have an emergency plan... help them create one. Planning before the emergency is the only way to succeed in an emergency.

We sure know we want our children to be safe and secure. Especially when they are not with us. Now go get started, reach out for questions, and enjoy the peace of mind with the creation and completion of your child's EDC emergency kit for 2023-2024 school year.

Simple Printable Emergency Contacts List
Download PDF • 129KB

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