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Are Covid Lockdowns Coming Fall 2023?

I first want to say do not be alarmed, but please do be informed. My goal with this blog post is to draw attention (hopefully early enough) for you all to start preparing now. If there ends up not being any reason for concern, and lockdowns and covid measures do not return, then everything I am going to mention still has value for being prepared.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in the field of virology or anything to do with pandemics. I do however want to point out that many of the Doctor dissenters from early on in 2020 were proven correct in several alarming areas. Who was vulnerable, precautions and methods of staying healthy, and even the use of treatment vs. vaccines all proven to be in direct conflict with government based action and data. Consult a trusted physician for all medical issues and medical choices.

I believe with the available information at this point we need to be highly vigilant and skeptical concerning government data and claims. They were simply wrong at every major point of the covid 19 pandemic in the ways that effected you and me. Masking early on, verses mask mandates. Sending sick to nursing homes. Vaccination of children. Myocarditis and much more.

Ways to plan and be prepared:

Traveling may soon be effected. Be aware that in the next few months masking requires may resume, and then eventually full covid restrictions returning for airline travel.

Plan ahead to either avoid or navigate the return of covid measures for travel, school, and work. Most things we can do is look for signs and areas of opportunity to avoid the pitfalls that existed during the last lockdowns. Many were uninformed, misinformed and a combination of the two. Simply drawing your hard lines now, and starting to make plans so you have more options to effect how you do travel, school, and work. These plans need to be realistic, but not drastic if you can help it.

Toilet paper... sure. Its good to maybe stock up on a few things, but much more important...

Your health. The data shows that being healthy makes the biggest difference. Now is a good time to work on being healthy. Many that died from Covid had multiple co-morbidities, and lockdown measures increased illness, mental health problems, and many other health effects that were detrimental to adults and children.

Get to know your neighbors in order to stay connected. Build a network (if you haven't already) to ensure that you have support and have outlets for healthy activities if lockdowns do return in some fashion. You need people you can trust that live close to you.

Things to stock up on that may be very hard to get:

  1. Liquor

  2. Seeds and gardening supplies

  3. Camping equipment

  4. Bicycles (transportation and exercise)

  5. Bleach (for cleaning and water storage)

  6. Flour

  7. Masks (uses other than preventing spread of disease)

  8. Gloves (first aid and cleaning)

  9. Medicines like Insulin (providers may allow you to stock an extra 3 to 6 months)

  10. Toilet paper

There likely are several other things to stock up on for your personal needs. Panic in general is a terrible approach to dangers or potential dangers, and panic buying is probably worse. I primarily am raising awareness to focus on things that will increase our success if lockdowns and other measures return. We need to learn from the past in order to make the best decisions moving forward. Please reach out if you have questions.


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