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Russ H.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Justin in the NRA Basic Pistol class. I can say as a long rifle shooter but never having fired a pistol, Justin was able to work with, diagnose my habits, and make quick corrections. His feedback was very clear, friendly, and easy to follow both in the classroom as well as at the range. During range time he was able to help me make corrections quickly and provide very easy to follow feedback during my progress. I highly recommend Justin's class to anyone, from those who have never used a firearm, shot a pistol, or even to those who are looking to hone their skills. 

Jeff H.

I recently took two classes from Justin at Braveheart Academy.  I cannot speak highly enough of the stellar training I received.  Coming in as a newbie Justin was able to break things down for me at a beginner level.  He was very patient and thorough.  He always asked me if I had any questions.  He really cared that I was grasping every element.  I took the Basic Firearms Class as well as the NRA Handgun Class.  The instruction and content was excellent.  Coming from a teaching background I can say that Justin absolutely knows how to teach.  He took me through step by step progressing to each level in succession. But he did it at my pace.  One of my favorite parts was the dry fire where I practiced with an unloaded pistol.  Justin took me through each step and we did it over and over until I was comfortable.  This prepared me for my next class which was at the range and thanks to Justin's superior tutelage I did much better then I thought I would.  I cant say enough about how much Justin cares about the student.  This is not a job for him.  It is easy to see that he loves what he does and he is extremely excited to see me be successful.  I am looking forward to continuing my Journey with Braveheart.


Ruth K.

I recently took your NRA Pistol Training Course and wanted to take a moment to write this letter of appreciation. Your Course was clear, precise, professional and taught so that a beginner like myself or an experienced person in firearms could benefit from it. The material you went over was presented in a manner that made it easy to follow and understand. I’m so grateful I found your course and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to enhance their skills. The hands on application of the firearm after the written course was very thorough. The process in which you used to go over everything made it much more comfortable when it came time to go to the range. Again I’d truly like to Thank you and highly recommend your course for anyone interested in starting, continuing or improving their Firearms skill. It’s a great way to feel more confident for whatever their personal reason may be such as Hunting, Self Defense or Sport.


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